Kuramono Pro Grade Katana


Kuramono - Reg. $360.00
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The Kuramono was designed to be an ideally functional sword, with an understated aesthetic.

It is excellent for tameshigiri (cutting practice).

Length - 2.45 shaku (29", 74cm)
Thickness - 0.3", 0.76cm
Width - 1.18", 3cm
Avg. Hardness - HRC 60-55 (edge-spine)

The Kuramono blade is solid blade (no bo-hi) made of T10 tool steel.

It is differentially hardened, has an authentic hamon, and is sharpened by hand with a 10 step polishing process.

Length - 11", 28cm

The Kuramono tsuka contains a full nakago (tang), and is held in place by 2 bamboo mekugi (pins).

It is wrapped in the traditional way with durable synthetic silk ito and black rayskin same.

Length Over All - 40", 102cm
Weight: 2 lbs 7oz, 1.1 kg without the saya
Point of Balance - 6", 15cm from the tsuba

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