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Pro Grade Katana Iaido Shinken

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Pro Grade Katana
The three Pro Grade Katana make up the signature line of ProSwords.
Developed to be of the highest quality, these beautiful swords are also excellent for cutting practice.

Testimonial - "
Just wanted to let you know I received my sword and it is easily one of the best swords I have purchased for under $1000.00! This is the 4th sub 1000 dollar sword I have purchased and by far the best. Excellent cutter and very well put together."

-- Josh, purchased a Torakami Oct. 2013

The Kuramono
The Torakami
The Kuramono Elite
The Kuramono The Torakami

Iaido Shinken
We currently have an iaido blade, available in a variety of lengths, that is lighter and ideally balanced for use in iaido practice.

All prices are in US dollars and include shipping within North America.